DE HOOGHE, R. Carte Nouvelle des Costes De... - Lot 78 - Nouvelle Etude

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DE HOOGHE, R. Carte Nouvelle des Costes De... - Lot 78 - Nouvelle Etude
DE HOOGHE, R. Carte Nouvelle des Costes De Bretagne depuis St. Malo jusques a l'emboucheure de la Riviere de Loire. . Amsterdam, 1693. Col. Two sheets attached. Good condition. 555 x 950 mm. Another very decorative map by Romain De Hooge, but this one can be catalogued as both land and sea. This explains why we have already studied it in the book Old maps of the Bretage. Map stretched abnormally from east to west. The title indicates: "From Saint-Malo to the mouth of the Loire". Magnificent cartouche with four views of ports: Saint-Malo, Brest, Conquerneau, Port Louis or Blavet. To the north, the Channel or "British Sea"; to the west, the ocean; to the south, the "Guascony" sea. Three scales: 5 leagues of Germany, from 15 to the degree (8.9 cm); 5 leagues of Spain, from 171/2 to the (7.6 cm); 5 leagues of France and England, from 20 to the degree (6.6 cm). Five wind roses two of which are well marked with the words "compass error", except for the omission south of of Penmarc'h; forty boats; two naval combats. Numerous indications of the currents but also of the seabed, sands, shells, oysters to the north of Cape Fréhel, or, to the south of the Cardinaux, "red sands and small stones, morcea of shells and small points shining like needles", or again, at the mouth of the Loire, "black sand made like cheese crusts and mixed with large red sand". Some translations for coastal towns: Liondoul for Saint-Paul-de-Léon, Odegierne for Audierne, Hoeck van t Meyland for Pointe de Meyland, Crooswyk for Le Croisil (Le Croisic) Finally, as an indication, it is particularly interesting to study the region between the Gulf of Morbihan and Belle-Ile for Morbihan and Belle-Ile to realize the inaccuracy of the information obtained by the information that the sailors were able to obtain. § Copy reproduced in C. Gaudillat, Anciennes Cartes Marines de la Bretagne 1580-1800, Pl. N°24.
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